Search Services


Educators’ Collaborative has assisted hundreds of schools with Head of School searches. Our clients are not only independent schools but also educational associations, faith-based schools, and charter schools. As experienced school heads, EC partners have well-developed skills to understand school dynamics and the particular challenges of leadership transitions. Recognizing that each school has its own unique culture and ethos, we adjust our approach to reflect the school’s history, traditions, and current needs. Our extensive database and professional contacts enable us to recruit strong candidate pools of experienced heads as well as individuals well prepared to ascend to the next level. For more information about EC searches, see our FAQ’s section here.



A Head of School may have no more important task than building a strong administrative team. Yet the hiring of new senior administrators is a time-consuming assignment that gets added to the Head’s other duties, with the burden greater in some years than others. Engaging EC to assist with senior administrative searches will enable the Head to better focus on other responsibilities while simultaneously assuring that a complete list of candidates has been contacted, vetted, and educated about the school’s needs. In addition, EC partners can help a school get an unbiased perspective of the true needs for the position to be filled.



From my perspective, EC did a wonderful job in setting us up with the right consultant, familiar with an LD school, lots of head experience and good personality fit for our situation.

—Search Committee Chair