About the School

Inspired by the philosophy of educator and physician, Maria Montessori, Elvira and Otis Charles established the Washington Montessori School (WMS) in 1965. At that time the school enrolled 16 preschool students and two faculty members. The school has flourished since then and now offers academic programs for 270 students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, as well as special programs for infants and toddlers. In 2003, WMS moved to a new state-of-the-art building on a wooded 48-acre campus in the beautiful northwest hills of Connecticut. Many other independent day and boarding schools, many of which WMS graduates attend, are also located in this stunning area of the state.

Community members note the strong sense of community and interconnectedness of faculty and families. They appreciate the School’s commitment to creating “good human beings” who love learning, accomplished by instilling self-confidence, encouraging independent choices, teaching critical thinking, fostering collaborative learning, and instilling kindness and an appreciation for the natural world. The School has developed a unique Middle School program in a Montessori context that prepares students with the tools to learn at any next-level school and provides them with the social-emotional maturity to manage their lives well through high school. 

Mission Statement

Washington Montessori School is an engaging and substantive academic environment supported by a deeply-rooted and diverse community of families and educators. The mission of WMS reads: 

Grounded in the Montessori approach and the belief that all children have the innate desire and ability to learn, we foster academic excellence through the development of responsibility, self-esteem and self-reliance. Our students benefit from a personalized program, dedicated teachers and a carefully-considered curriculum that inspires them to become creative and independent thinkers.

About the Position

The Washington Montessori School’s Board of Trustees seeks a progressive educator who, if not a trained Montessorian, is an experienced leader who fully embraces the Montessori philosophy and culture of the school. He or she should embrace the school’s mission, appreciate its core values and be able to help build and realize a vision for the school’s future. The new Head of School will ideally be a transparent and effective communicator whose skills will ensure a trusting and safe environment for all stakeholders.

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How to Apply

Candidates interested in this position are asked to submit the following materials by February 20, 2021:

  • Educators’ Collaborative Candidate Summary Sheet and Disclosure Form (Contact Deirdre Ling or Sally Mixsell for those documents)
  • Letter of Interest addressed to the Search Committee
  • Resume
  • Statement of Educational Leadership
  • A list of five or more references with contact information (including phone numbers and email addresses)
  • Up to three letters of reference may be submitted. (This is optional)

Application materials are to be sent, electronically via email, as a single WORD document to:

Sally Mixsell, Partner, Educators’ Collaborative, LLC 

smixsell@educatorscollaborative.com – 203-824-3653


Deirdre Ling, Partner, Educators’ Collaborative, LLC

daling@comcast.net – 508-423-1605


Washington Montessori School has a strong commitment to the principles and practices of diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, age, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin, or physical or mental disability status in the administration of our educational and admissions policies, employment policies, or other school-administered programs. We will make reasonable modifications to our policies, practices and procedures to promote equal educational opportunities for students with physical and mental disabilities.