2018 Searches Archive

Berwick Academy, ME: Head of School – James Hamilton (Associate Head for External Affairs, Brooks School, North Andover, MA)

Falmouth Academy, MA: Head of School – Matthew Green (Upper School Head, The Haverford School, Haverford, PA)

Friends School of Minnesota, MN: Head of School – Rick Juliusson (Co-Director, Monteverde Friends School, Monteverde, Costa Rica)

The Galloway School, GA: Head of School – James Calleroz White (Head of School, Louisville Collegiate School, Louisville, KY)

Gordon School, RI: Head of School – Noni Thomas Lopez (Assistant Head of School, Ethical Culture, Fieldston School, New York, NY)

Greens Farms Academy, CT: Head of School – Bob Whelan (Head of School, Lake Forest Country Day School, Lake Forest, IL)

Heronfield Academy, NH: Head of School – Betsy Kelly (Head of Lower School, Windsor School, Boston, MA)

Lake Ridge Academy, OH: Head of School – Mitchell F. White (Dean of Academic Planning, The Weber School, GA)

Lawrence School, OH: Head of School – Doug Hamilton (Director of Admission, Lawrence School, Sagamore Hills, OH)

Long Trail School, VT: Head of School – Seth Linfield (Interim Head of School, Long Trail School, Doreset, VT)

Montessori School of Northern Virginia, VA: Head of School – Kari Cafeo (Head of School, Shrewsbury Montessori School, Shrewsbury, MA)

Rossman School, MO: Head of School – Elizabeth Zurlinden (Lower School Director, Rossman School, St. Louis, MO)

Sophia Academy, RI: Head of School – Maura Farrell (Associate Head of School, Winchester Thursdton School, Pittsburgh, PA)

Springer School and Center, OH: Executive Director – Brett Marcoux (Founding Principal & CEO, Provident Charter School, Pittsburgh, PA)

St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, TX: Head of School – Jerri King, (Head of School, Springmont School, Atlanta, GA)

The Village School of Naples, FL: Head of School – Dennis Chapman (Head of School, The New School, Fayetteville, AR)

Vistamar School, CA: Head of School – Christopher Bright (Executive Director of CHAMPS (Charter High School of the Arts), Los Angeles, CA)

2017 Searches Archive

American Embassy School, Delhi, India: Director – James L. Laney, Jr. (Head of School, International Community School of Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Blue Oak School, CA: Head of School – Daniel Schwartz (Head of School, Baker Demonstration School, Wilmette, IL)

Blue School, NY: Head of School – Gina Farrar (Head of School, Williamsburg Northside Schools , Brooklyn, NY )

Breck School, MN: Head of School – Natalia Hernandez (Assistant Head of School, Isidore Newman School, New Orleans, LA)

Children’s Own School, MA: Head of School – Holly Flood

East Woods School, NY: Head of School: Laura Kang (Head of School, Mizzentop Day School, Pawling, NY)

Hutchison School, TN: Head of School – Kristen Ring (Provost, Bayside Academy, Daphne, AL)

Kew-Forest School, NY: Head of School – Carla Jantos MacMullen (Dean of Faculty, Hopkins School, New Haven, CT)

Old Trail School, OH: Head of School – Sarah Johnston (Associate Head for Enrollment Management, Hathaway Brown School, Shaker Heights, OH)

Trinity Episcopal School, TX: Head of School – Mark Ravelli (Former Head of School, Saint Mark’s Episcopal School, Upland, CA)

Valley School of Ligonier, PA: Head of School – Dr. Jon Strecker (Middle School Head, The John Cooper School, The Woodlands, TX)

Zhengzhou World Academy, China: Dean of Faculty – Kenneth Imperato (Dubai)


2016 Searches Archive

Aidan Montessori School, DC: Head of School – Kevin Clark (Head of School, Bay Farm Montessori Academy, Duxbury, MA)

American Embassy School, Delhi, India: Interim Director – Ellen Stern (Interim Head of School, American International School of Zagreb, Croatia)

Belmont Day School, MA: Head of School – Brendan Largay (Head of Middle School, The Meadowbrook School of Weston, MA)

Bertschi School, WA: Head of School – Raphael del Castillo (Head of School, Seattle Girls School, Seattle, WA)

The Episcopal School in The City of New York: Director – Susan A. Sheahan (Curriculum Coordinator, Episcopal School in the City of New York, NY)

Fort Bend Christian Academy, TX: Head of School – Dr. David Pitre (Former Interim Head, Savannah Christian Preparatory School, Savannah, GA)

Friends Academy, NY: Head of School – Andrea Kelly (Assistant Head of School Packer Collegiate Institute, Brooklyn, NY)

The Gladwyne Montessori School, PA: Head of School – Carrie Kries (CEO, The Philadelphia Montessori Charter School, PA)

The Harvey School, NY: Head of School – William J. Knauer (Head of School, Benjamin Franklin International School, Barcelona, Spain)

The Hudson School, NJ: Head of School – Paul Perkinson (former Head of George Stevens Academy, Blue Hill, ME)

The IDEAL School and Academy, NY: Head of School – Janet Wolfe (Associate Head for Academics, St. Paul’s School for Girls, Brooklandville, MD)

La Lumiere School, IN: Head of School – Adam Kronk (Director, Center for Ethical Leadership, University of Notre Dame, IN)

Mirman School, CA: Head of Lower School – Stephane Leung (Lower School Division Director, John Thomas Dye School, Los Angeles, CA)

North Shore Country Day School, IL: Head of School – Thomas Flemma (Associate Head of School, The Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, CT)

Oakwood Friends School, NY: Head of School – Chad Cianfrani (Interim Head of School, Oakwood Friends School, Poughkeepsie, New York)

Plymouth Church School, NY: Director – Adrienne Urbanski (Adjunct Instructor, City University of New York-CUNY)

Rye Presbyterian Nursery School, NY: Co-Directors – Kristin Kumar (Director of Admissions, Marketing & Technology, RPNS) and Margaret Sculti (Assistant Director, RPNS)

St. Anne School, CA: Head of School – John O’Brien (Head of School, Stanbridge Academy, San Mateo, CA)

Smith College Campus School, MA: Principal – Patty Allen (Principal, Parkway School, Greenwich, CT)

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, PA: Head of School – Stephen L. Druggan (Deputy Head of School, Jakarta Intercultural School, Jakarta, Indonesia)

Star Academy, CA: Head of School – Sheila Reilly (Administrator, Woodland Star Charter School, Sonoma, CA)

Summers-Knoll School, MI: Head of School – Walter Landberg (Head of School, New Roads School, Santa Monica, CA)

West Nottingham Academy, MD: Head of School – Thomas J. Banks (Assistant Head, Harrisburg Academy, PA)

Wingra School, WI: Head of School – Debbie Millon (Head of School, The Bellwether School, Williston, VT)

2015 Searches Archive

Ancona School, IL: Head of School – Ari Frede (The Orange School, Executive Director, Chicago, IL)

Avery Conley School, IL: Head of School – Paul Druzinsky (Interim Head of School and former Head of Rodeph Sholom School New York, NY)

Brookwood School, MA: Head of School – Laura Caron (Director of Middle School, Westridge School, CA)

Central European Leadership Academy, Slovakia: Head of School – Christopher Cheney (Assistant Dean of the Academy, African Leadership Academy, Johannesburg, South Africa)

Charles Armstrong School, CA: Head of School – Jessica Miller (Consultant, St. Andrew’s School, Barrington, RI)

Cincinnati Country Day School, OH: Head of School – Tony Jaccaci (Executive Principal, Secondary Division, YK Pao School, Shanghai, China)

Community School, MO: Head of School – Robert Cooke (Upper School Director, Brentwood School, Los Angeles, CA)

Crossroads Academy, NH: Head of School – Brad Choyt (Head of School, North Yarmouth Academy, ME)

Etonkids Educational Group, China: Head of School – Jill Stansbury (Urban Montessori Charter School, Oakland, CA)

Hewitt School, NY: Head of School – Tara C. Kinsey (Faculty/Administration, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ)

Hill-Murray School, MN: Head of School – James W. Hansen (Adjunct Instructor, University of St. Thomas, MN)

La Lumiere School, IN: Interim Head of School – Charlie Clark (Interim Head of School, Tahoe Expedition Academy, Kings Beach, CA)

Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church Day School, NY: Director – Laura Graham (Assistant Director, Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church Day School, NY)

The Mead School, CT: Interim Director – Stephanie Whitney (Associate Head of School for Admission & Enrollment, Greens Farms Academy, Westport, CT)

New Vista School, CA: Executive Director – Matthew F. Brandstetter (Assistant Head of School and Dean of Academics, Fairmont Preparatory Academy, Anaheim, CA)

Presidio Knolls School, CA: Head of School – Lee Drolet (Principal of Excelsior Elementary, Minnetonka School District, MN)

Quaker School at Horsham, PA: Head of School – Alex Brosowsky (Director, Resource Center, Spence School, NY)

Quest Academy, IL: Head of School – Khalek Kirkland (Head of School, The SEED School of Maryland, Baltimore, MD)

St. George’s Independent School, TN: Head of School – Ross Peters (Head of Upper School, The Westminster Schools, Atlanta, GA)

Shrewsbury Montessori School, MA: Head of School – Kari Cafeo (Assistant Head of School, Burgundy Farms Country Day School, Alexandria, VA)

Speyer Legacy School, NY: Head of School – Barbara Tischler (Professor, Empire State College, Brooklyn, NY)

Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School, MO: Head of School – Benjamin Parsons (Executive Director, Center for Education Innovation, Friends Academy, Dartmouth, MA)

Ventana School, CA: Head of School – Christopher Mahoney (Principal, Thoreau School, Concord, MA)

Waterford School, UT: Head of School – Andrew Menke (Head of School, New Hampton School, NH)