Our Hallmarks

We provide counsel in more areas (searches, strategic planning, admissions, institutional advancement, governance, financial planning, transitions, institutional evaluation/change, and conflict resolution) than most firms, and no firm provides more services than we do.

We have well-developed skills for understanding schools and their dynamics, representing schools to candidates, and recognizing outstanding talent.

We develop a flexible search schedule and process reflective of a school’s history and tradition and one that recognizes the importance of deadlines in order to remain competitive in the market place.

Clients and candidates routinely praise our Information for Candidates report for providing an informative overview of the school and a comprehensive leadership profile, detailing the school’s strengths, the opportunities and challenges it faces, and the qualities and skill set being sought.

Aside from the hundreds of school leaders we personally know across the country (and in some cases overseas), and the hundreds of candidates in the firm’s database, we have access to dozens of professional associations, colleges and universities for the recruitment of candidates.

In addition to meeting candidates, partners check references; this is not a task entrusted to remote, back office staff.  Thus, we present candidates to our clients who are not just qualified to lead a school but instead are fully qualified to meet a particular school’s expectations and needs and who will fit its culture.

As our references will attest, we are readily available for our clients. Working carefully with the Search Committee, we assure that the complexity of the search process is carried out in an effective, inclusive, and thoughtful manner.

Because we do not charge a percentage of the appointee’s compensation, as do many other firms, our clients are assured there is no conflict of interest facilitating communication between the candidate of choice and the client during compensation negotiations.

Our job does not end with the announcement of the President-Elect. We develop a transition plan with our clients to position the school, the Board and the President-Elect for a long, successful partnership and an effective tenure.

EC’s written materials are of very high quality. The best material I’ve seen. Period.

—Search Committee Chair