Educators' Collaborative Process

Educators’ Collaborative provides the commitment and flexibility necessary to make your search successful. Our consultants know through experience what it takes to run a successful school and how to work effectively with boards of trustees. We are dedicated to a search process that not only identifies the right candidate for a school but also positions the appointee and the school for a smooth and successful transition.

  1. Launch
  2. Recruit
  3. Evaluate
  4. Selection
  5. Transition



Search Launch

Our collaborative approach is with you from the start. We work together as a firm to select the right consultants for your particular school and need. In conjunction with the initial visit to the school to get a feel for your culture and meet with as many stakeholders as possible, we develop an electronic survey to be sent to all constituents. Our preliminary work is very important, as it allows our partners to assist your school in preparing for the search and gives us insight into your school’s unique culture and characteristics that will help us recruit and present the best candidates.

  • EC partners are well respected, long tenured, heads of school before becoming consultants. The partners have well-developed skills to understand schools and their dynamics, represent schools to candidates, and recognize outstanding talent.
  • The information gathering stage sets the groundwork for a successful search. It allows us to create recruiting documents that represent your needs and hopes for your new leader and gives us a framework to build on as we move forward in the process.
  • EC recruiting documents are highly regarded. Clients and candidates routinely praise our Information for Candidates document for its informative overview of the school and leadership profile of the qualities and characteristics sought in the next Head of School.
  • We will also assist the Search Committee in preparing appropriate communication updates to the school community throughout the search process.



Recruiting Candidates

Once the strategy is in place, your consultants go to work to identify potential candidates for your position. This is where our collaboration really shines. Our extensive database of prospective candidates gives us access to highly qualified candidates across the globe.

  • EC has extensive recruiting sources. Aside from countless heads and administrators known personally across the country and internationally and the extensive data for candidates in the firm’s files, we have access to dozens of professional associations for the recruitment of candidates.
  • Our website allows potential candidates to submit their materials to be considered for future searches. Our partners know top candidates who may be looking for a new challenge and will also reach out to individuals who may not be looking but who may be well matched to your school.



Examining the Pool

After creating an ideal pool of candidates for your position, your consultants conduct interviews with all potential candidates, thoroughly review their written materials and check references. This allows the Search Committee to be presented with the most qualified group from which to select.

  • EC thoroughly vets every candidate. In addition to interviewing all prospective candidates and meeting as many candidates as possible, partners personally check references. Thus, we confidently present candidates who are qualified, meet your school’s particular expectations, and fit its culture.
  • Recruit and screen candidates. EC partners recruit candidates from a national and international network. Further, the Partners vet the applicant pool personally and present the Search Committee with candidates who best meet your school’s particular needs.



Narrowing the Field

Consultants will guide the Search Committee through the process of narrowing down the candidate pool and identifying the candidate of choice.

  • Consultants use their expertise and experience to guide the Committee in reviewing candidate dossiers, selecting candidates for each successive interview stage, educating the Committee on the most effective interviewing techniques, and presenting the school in its best light.
  • The consultants also work with the Search Committee and other school professionals to build the visit schedule for each finalist and provide guidance and logistics during the interview process.
  • The Search Committee performs its own extensive reference checking in advance of finalist visits and consultants do background checks on finalists.
  • Once the final selection is made consultants work with the Search Committee to finalize an offer, compensation package, and letter of agreement.
  • The Search Committee nominates the new Head of School; the Board of Trustees elects the new Head and announces appointment to the school community.



Transition Into a Solid Support Team

This step, our consultants agree, is central to a successful search. Aiding our clients in the transition of new leadership is a hallmark of our services. Supporting our schools and their new leaders in a smooth transition of leadership is vital to the success of the process.

  • Consultants provide guidance about how to introduce the new Head to the school community while simultaneously supporting the on-going work of the current Head.  
  • For the next year the consultants work with the school leadership and the new Head as they transition into a solid support team.
  • Additional Services are available upon request.

We knew from the very first day that we were working with consummate professionals. I cannot say enough to express our respect for the entire team at Educators’ Collaborative.

—Search Committee Chair