General Satisfaction

“We are only beginning our year with the new Director and so glad that EC will continue to be engaged with us in that process.  Really terrific that their continued involvement is offered in the first year of tenure.” – Search Committee Co-Chair

“We trusted them implicitly.  I wouldn’t even hesitate turning to them if we had another Head of School search, I would go to the mat fighting for them – to have them again.” – Search Committee Co-Chair

“There was great variety in both candidate pools.  We’re extremely happy with the candidates we landed in both searches.” – Head of School

“I cannot give enough praise for her work during the process.  She listened to our questions and concerns and was extremely responsive to our needs.” – President of the Board of Trustees

“We had gone through a search 3 years before and the pool was NOTHING compared to the pool we had with this search.” – Search Committee Chair

“He was there whenever we needed him – he guided the process, set the timeline, worked with us throughout the process. It was very effective.” – Board Chair

“I would do nothing but give the Partner and EC an A +++ rating!” – Search Committee Chair

“I found her to be candid and insightful. She had a real “go-getter” attitude. She was enthusiastic and easy to be with and had a lot of years of experience.  We got a long swimmingly – I don’t’ have anything negative to say. She got what many thought of as an impossible job done.” – Search Committee Chair

“A ++++!  We got our top candidate. She is an exact match and we got someone we need at this exact time in our small school. We are really thrilled.” – Search Committee Chair

“The Partners’ professionalism, follow-through and thoroughness were exemplary.” – Head of School

“We had the feeling that they knew us best and we wanted someone who could tell our story.  In talking to other firms, EC seemed polished and professional.  They knew what they were talking about, no sales ploy – which was a quality of the other firms.  They were knowledgeable.” – Search Committee Chair

“We’d identified 6 or 7 firms, got down to 3, EC was one…the 1st group (firm) was okay, not too bad; the 2nd firm – we liked them a lot; the 3rd firm was EC – they blew us away.  When they left, we were all unanimous, no question – we wanted EC.  EC was hands-down, far and away, the favorite.” – Search Committee Co-Chair

“EC has a great reputation and we felt like we had the A team in front of us with EC.  One other firm – we thought would be it for us – they had a great national reputation, great references, we liked them, but after we saw the EC Partners – we knew we were seeing the A team; but the “great” company has sent us the B team, and we don’t want the B team.” – Search Committee Co-Chair

“I think what distinguished them was EC’s ability to tailor the packaged approach to the school’s needs in the situation – given that we had 2 high profile searches at once and bringing the right kind of expertise to both was a real appeal.” – Head of School

“The EC Partner’s experience, knowledge of our school, energy and detail were head and shoulders above the other firms we interviewed.” – President of the Board of Trustees

“In my mind, the fact that they all had experience being Heads of School distinguished them. Also they (EC) were small enough – we didn’t want to get lost in the shuffle as a small school.” – Chairman of the Board

“They were amazing.  We were on speed dial to each other, never once couldn’t get in touch with her – weekends, 11 pm at night, always.” – Search Committee Co-Chair

“We would joke, ‘we must be the only gig they have – there’s no way they could be possibly talking to anyone else because we are consuming every hour of every day.’ We felt like we were the only people in their lives.” – Search Committee Co-Chair

Understanding School
“Their preparation and understanding of issues was superb.  They did a lot of good homework.” – Search Committee Chair

“We got compliments about EVERYONE we brought on campus…people were blown away by the quality of candidates.  We ended up with someone absolutely fabulous.” – Search Committee Chair