Left to right: Edward C. Becker, Marcus D. Hurlbut, Jayne M. Geiger, John M. Mackenzie, Jean G. Lamont, Evan Peterson, Mary F. Seppala, Doug C. Cummings, Deirdre A. Ling, Douglas S. Jennings

Educators' Collaborative Team


All of the Educators’ Collaborative partners are former independent school heads with hands-on leadership experience. They have served as directors or trustees as well as Heads of School in independent schools of all types and sizes in all regions of the country and in England, Turkey and Switzerland. EC partners have also served regional accrediting agencies as chairs of committees evaluating dozens of independent schools in the United States and abroad.

Just as Educators’ Collaborative partners take time to get to know the schools they represent, we encourage you to learn more about each partner by clicking their bios below.

Marcus D. Hurlbut

Co-Managing Partner



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John M. Mackenzie

Co-Managing Partner



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