Consulting Services

EC provides management consulting services to schools in all aspects of school operations. In addition to assisting schools with Head of School and Senior Administrative searches, we also provide wide-ranging support in other areas such as: strategic planning, governance, conflict resolution, Board training, audits of school departments (e.g. development, admissions, etc.), executive coaching, and feasibility studies. If you are interested in retaining EC for your next leadership search or school project, contact us today!

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  • Head of School and Chief Executive Searches
    Educators’ Collaborative has assisted hundreds of schools with Head of School searches. Our clients are not only independent schools but also educational associations, faith-based schools, and charter schools. As experienced school heads, EC partners have well-developed skills to understand school dynamics and the particular challenges of leadership transitions. Recognizing that each school has its own unique culture and ethos, we adjust our approach to reflect the school’s history, traditions, and current needs. Our extensive database and professional contacts enable us to recruit strong candidate pools of experienced heads as well as individuals well prepared to ascend to the next level. For more information about EC searches, see our FAQ’s section here.
  • Senior Administrative Searches
    A Head of School may have no more important task than building a strong administrative team. Yet the hiring of new senior administrators is a time-consuming assignment that gets added on to the Head’s other duties, with the burden greater in some years than others. Engaging EC to assist with senior administrative searches will enable the Head to better focus on other responsibilities while simultaneously assuring that a broad pool of candidates has been contacted, vetted, and educated about the school’s needs. In addition, EC partners can help a school get an unbiased perspective of the true needs for the position to be filled.

High functioning schools are those that effectively plan for the future and do so with a clear sense of purpose and direction. Tailoring our approach to fit each school’s unique needs, EC can assist in these ways: retreat planning and facilitation; organization of steering committee and task forces; focus group facilitation for constituent groups; mission and vision statements, core values, goals/objectives, and effective action plans.

When the Board of Trustees is in need of clarity about its role or is ineffective in performing it, a school is less likely to fulfill its mission, and the Head is less likely to be successful. EC can provide assistance in several ways: Board training; orientation of new trustees; trustee and faculty workshops and retreats; Head and/or Board Chair transitions; and crisis intervention.

Heading a school can be a daunting task, and Heads often feel isolated from authentic feedback. EC partners, all experienced Heads of School themselves, can provide invaluable professional development to both new and veteran school leaders in areas such as: strengthening relationships with key constituencies, including the Board; negotiating unfamiliar terrain – financial, personnel, long-range planning; managing multiple and often conflicting demands; and navigating through difficult personnel problems. Our counsel can provide a different perspective, enabling the Head to fortify his/her leadership style while charting a course for personal growth and advancement.

Partners from EC can offer an unbiased perspective on whether a school’s key administrative departments are operating most effectively and in accordance with accepted standards of “best practices.” By interviewing appropriate stakeholders, examining functionality, and reviewing documents, we can conduct a thorough audit of departments such as development, admissions, business, athletics, etc. and provide recommendations for sustained success.

Periodically, every school faces unusual challenges about which there may be little institutional knowledge, but which may have significant impact upon the school’s future health. The expertise of EC partners can greatly benefit schools with projects such as: expansion of school size; refocus of school Mission; identification of interim leaders and administrators; conflict resolution; leadership transition planning; and feasibility studies.