Zhengzhou World Academy, Zhengzhou China

Co-Ed, Day/Boarding School, Grades K-12 - Dean of Faculty: Kenneth Imperato (Dubai)

School Profile

School Profile
Zhengzhou China
Co-Ed, Day/Boarding School
Grades K-12
Academic Dean for July 1, 2017 or August/September 2017

Academic Dean
pagoda-forestZhengzhou World Academy will open in the fall of 2018. For September, 2017, the school seeks a strong instructional leader to be a member of a small team of administrators who will develop all aspects of the school in preparation for the opening.

This represents an exciting opportunity to envision an educational program from the very beginning stages. The school will open with approximately 4-5 grades and increase grades each year, eventually becoming K-12. There will be a boarding component for older students.

The desirable candidate will have at least three years experience in a K-12 environment, the ability to hire, mentor and assess teaching and learning, and the passion to be engaged in the development process. An advanced degree is necessary.

The Search Process: The Candidates interested in this position are asked to contact Mary Seppala, Partner, Educators’ Collaborative, LLC (email: or

Candidates are encouraged to speak personally with Mary Seppala (610-772-7625).

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  • July 1 2017