Vistamar School, CA

Vistamar School, CA
vistamar school CA

Coed Day School
Grades 9 - 12 Head of School: Christopher Bright (Executive Director of CHAMPS (Charter High School of the Arts), Los Angeles, CA)

School Profile

737 Hawaii Street
El Segundo, California 90245
Co-Ed Day school
275 students, Grades 9-12
Head of School for July 1, 2018

Vistamar School was founded in 2005 by a group of civic-minded families following four years of research, planning, fundraising, and personnel recruitment. With an eye towards helping the South Bay region keep pace with its changing population and economic growth, the Vistamar-school-CAFounders set out to offer a high-quality, college preparatory learning environment, serving a student body reflective of the diversity of Los Angeles.

From the outset, the Founders’ goal was to create an academic program that combined the best traditions of American independent schools with exemplary practices drawn from other education systems around the world. The highest standards were set for faculty by recruiting only those who demonstrated the highest level of expertise in their curricular fields and their pedagogy. That tradition has continued and expanded as the faculty has grown to accommodate enrollment.

Today, Vistamar has clearly established itself as a rising star in the independent school community of Los Angeles and Southern California. The school has now graduated nine classes, beginning with the class of 2008 and Vistamar alumni are making their mark as global citizens on their campuses and in their fields.

Vistamar School empowers students, preparing them to contribute and excel in higher education and in life, and commits to:

  • A broad and balanced program that challenges and engage students, building their individual skills and inspiring a passion for learning.
  • An intimate atmosphere that fosters initiative, responsibility, knowledge of self and connections to others.
  • Diversity of thought and culture that encourages authentic exchange of perspectives, mutual respect and a mature understanding of the world.

In their studies, in their work, and in their communities, Vistamar students embrace lives of learning, integrity, and purpose.

Five Pillars of Vistamar

Today Vistamar’s commitment to providing “the best education the world has to offer” is reflective of five pillars of the school’s program and culture:

  • Academic Excellence – The Vistamar curriculum has been adapted from the best programs in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Today, it is one of the most globally influenced academic programs among Los Angeles area independent schools.
  • Diversity as Excellence – The Vistamar student body is purposefully reflective of the rich diversity of Los Angeles. Because this diversity is a normal part of life for Vistamar students, students maneuver fluidly among people of different social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.
  • Supportive Community – The school’s supportive community plays an integral role in preparing students to reach and exceed their goals. Faculty, advisors, and parents partner together to create a nurturing environment of support and encouragement.
  • Life Planning – The school views the high school years as the foundation for lifelong achievement and emphasizes authentic learning over short-term outcomes. Emphasis is placed not only on the college admission process but also on what students do when they get there and their lives beyond.
  • Innovative Campus – The Vistamar campus is based on extensive research and planning, and is designed to facilitate the comfort, interaction, and flow of a teenage population – with technology integrated into every facet.

Program: Vistamar’s academic programs aim to do more than teach facts and figures. Each program is designed to prepare students to thrive in a globalized society. Together, Vistamar’s programs make up a curriculum that develops in each student.

  • Global consciousness, evidenced by communicative proficiency in a second language, awareness of geographical and historical contexts for world affairs, an appreciation of cultures that are different from one’s own, and a sense of responsibility for stewardship of the environment.
  • Cultural competence, evidenced by genuine interest in the experience of others, an understanding of the interplay between individuality and cultural identity, active valuing of diversity as an asset, and the skills that enable one to cross cultural boundaries.
  • Strong communication skills, characterized by respectful listening, clear expression, and thoughtful consideration of various points of view.
  • Mathematical and scientific literacy adequate to the demands of responsible citizenship in a complex, technical society.
  • Habits of mind required to be a reflective practitioner in any field: observing, questioning, reflecting, making connections between ideas, seeking the bigger picture, self-awareness as a learner, and honest self-assessment.
  • Intellectual skills required to be an effective knowledge manager in any field: flexible mastery of research strategies, a command of multiple frames of reference, and the ability to impose organizational structures on complex data.
  • Experience in the arts as a doer and maker, as well as an observer, contributing to imagination, aesthetic sense, and creative expressiveness.
  • Qualities of citizenship, marked by engagement in community affairs, participation in collective decision making, and commitment to mutually beneficial interactions with others.
  • Integrity and moral courage as an autonomous individual, supported by health and balance in one’s personal life.

The Search Process:
The Candidates interested in this position are asked to submit the following materials by July 15, 2017:

  • EC Cover/Summary Sheet (Contact Marcus Hurlbut for that document)
  • A cover letter addressed to the Search Committee
  • Current resume
  • Statement of educational philosophy
  • A list of five or more references with contact information (including phone numbers and email addresses)
  • Up to three letters of reference may be submitted

Application materials are to be sent, electronically via email, as a single WORD or PDF document to:

Candidates are encouraged to speak personally with Marcus Hurlbut (949-279-3084).

Search for

  • Head of School
  • July 1 2018