Educators Collaborative Independent School Heads

Educators Collaborative Independent School Heads
Educators’ Collaborative, LLC is a consortium of former independent school heads whose hands-on leadership experience is one of our clients’ most valuable resources. Read here what our clients say about us. More than 500 schools, colleges, and other non-public and public nonprofit organizations have turned to Educators’ Collaborative for consulting services.

The ten Educators’ Collaborative Partners have acted as the heads of twenty independent schools of all types and sizes in all regions of the country. Collectively, the partners have served more than 75 educational institutions as directors or trustees. EC Partners have also served regional accrediting agencies as chairs of committees evaluating dozens of independent schools in the United States and abroad.

Our experience provides us critical insight into the world of independent schools and not-for-profit organizations. Drawing on this experience, our partners come to each consultation situation with a unique perspective — looking not from the outside in, but from within the dynamic environment we share with clients.

Why EC for your Head of School Search?

Our services include:

We provide searches for heads of schools and other executive officers of nonprofit organizations.

We offer a wide range of consulting services on topics including strategic planning, institutional advancement, and conflict resolution to independent schools and other not-for-profit institutions.

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Educators Collaborative Independent School Heads